Related Services

Premium Support or Involved Team

Most businesses do not have own staff for supporting of integrated systems and services. As part of partnership objectives, we can provide an opportunity for associating personal assistant to the project or team for long term assistance and technological R&D.

Website Project Implementation

Most of the projects require a web site or other form of public presentation. We will be able to create landing page of your choice of platform or to develop custom OTT/WEB2 solution to provide public services or information. We will introduce your digital content in a standardized format of each CMS/CRM platform.

Hybrid Mobile Applications

Most organizations require access to their digital content or online resources through smart devices. We will put into operation hybrid mobile applications for specific administrative manipulation and control of the business or public services related to the business.

Programmable SEO Optimization

Every online project is constantly seeking ways to improve SEO optimization to its digital content. We will provide to the marketing team ability to generate specific metadata or specialized sitemap files for specific needs. By application programming SEO practices we will add sufficient business value to your public content.

Cloud/CDN Configuration and Maintenance

Most online businesses move to Cloud Hosting services due to the need for flexible decisions and the ability to take on ever increasing traffic. We will provide all our expert potential into provider selection and integrating of all security/performance practices needed to the long term stable development of the project (business).