Integrated Framework

End-to-end BAAS* Management Solution

Quite simply the most scalable, flexible and comprehensive BAAS solution an outstanding price/performance ratio and it offers an extensive suite of unique value-adding functionalities. Our modular architecture and flexible design evolves to meet any changing business conditions.

*BAAS (Backend-as-a-Service)

Data Migration Assessment

Each organization supporting online project at a time needs migration of its digital resources to a new platform. We will create a procedure for converting the present digital content to a selected new format. All specific needs or missing information will be taken into account, which we will obtain and provide fully structured digital content.

External Service Administration

Each online business use outsource services for creating or distribution of digital content. A great part of these services provide API functionality for integration of external systems or platforms. We will create easy to use end point solutions for control and managing of the external services and will add further business value to the business.

Integrate Multiple Data Resources

We allows you to ingest efficiency different metadata and media content from multiple sources. It has never been easier to connect with content providers and multiple content sources.

Implement Smoother and Automated Workflow

We offering a very user-friendly UI, it makes accessing other modules and controlling your entire workflow easy and efficient. Consequently, it can be used to ensure HR costs are kept to a minimum, while content is handled and distributed according to your specific standards.

Complete REST-API Functionality

Our API gives you access to the content management features you see in our web site or application and lets you extend them. Includes more advanced tools and functions, ensures integrates better with any third-party systems.