Custom Components

Content Aggregation Tools

Our integrated web scraping process enables you to collect, process and visualize in a form suitable for automatic publication or/and data analysis. This next generation tools provide smarter ways to value-adding.

Data Processing Tools

Most online businesses require collecting and processing of additional information of external online resources. We will acquire, arrange and visualize any digital information by providing tools for control and automation in creating own digital content.

Digital Content Organizing

Each team needs easy to use and intuitive administrative environment for working with digital content of the project. We will organize your content in catalogue with all amenities of its control. We will give new level of control over the working processes and the team which will provide the service.

Live Broadcast Center

Increasingly, organizations need effective tool for training the team or alternative access to their partners. We will organize your live broadcasts in elected regional CDN provider. We will implement end solutions for webinars, e-learning, face-to-face meetings or any other type of live broadcasting services.

Advertising Control Center

Every online business at a time integrate advertising platform for monetization of its public digital content. We will organize your banner and/or video advertising through integration of your chosen advertising platform. We will provide a single administrative interface for managing and controlling the activity.

Online TV Studio and Parallel Distribution

More and more online businesses having media content are searching for easy ways to organize IPTV services and/or other parallel distribution. We will give intuitive administrative control of the editorial team to arrange and broadcast programs over long period of time, including video advertising and future live broadcasts.

Distribution Widgets and Web2 Solutions

More and more online projects are looking for alternative ways for distribution of its digital content through Web Widgets or Snippets to reach a wider audience through integration in external sites. We will meet with the specific needs of the project and will provide a set of tools for generating links with selected content properly visualized for the specific needs.