Our Vision

The Problem

Our experience considering that the projects which introduce adequate business rules (BAAS) for accumulation, structuring, management and distribution of the content are significantly stable in time. A huge part of startup internet initiatives are not successful because of the lack of initial content or ineffective its creation, controlling and distribution. An additional challenge to already operating businesses is the need to adapt accumulated to date content for future or parallel implementation in CMS/CRM/ERP/SOCIAL platforms.


The Approach

We aim to be the informed choice in end-to-end content management software systems and related services. To make this goal reality, we are committed to delivering superior flexibility, business value and services. This focus lies behind our solutions and the unique suite of standalone services we offer. And ultimately it ensures that, working with us, you can be confident your solution will be future-proof, compromise-free and reassuringly reliable.

What We Do

The Solutions

We deliver simpler, smarter solutions characterized by usability and cost-efficiency. We guarantee the best proven technologies to ensure optimal performance and price. Reflecting this we have developed the most comprehensive offering in the market. It’s a useful tools for anyone looking to choose a partner in the online content aggregation and distribution.

Why MediaDot