Working Methodology

Long-Term Partnership

Our approach is to create long term vision for the organization (project) and for its resistant development through familiarization with current state and strategic objectives. Also by introducing the separate business workflow and content deliver tools in centralized system (BAAS) we will be able to increase the efficiency of the team and to add further value to the whole business or project initiative.

Project Assessment &
Find Best Practices

Workflow Standardisation
& Optimization

Content Integration
& Control

Delivery Channels
& Monetization

Program Development

Our experience in introducing business tools and services into practice require a created plan for the phased integration of individual projects over time. We will identify specific needs and areas of competence in specific projects such as a comprehensive guideline. We will do the necessary research and describe the best practices to demonstrate in working prototypes. The aim of each long term program for us is to deliver detail technical assignments in each sub project.

Requirements & Goals

Research & Development

Prototyping & Review

Setting Up Projects

Project Implementation

Our approach is stacked on specific client requirements to each individual projects by identifying the most appropriate approach for their implementation according to planned budget and time frame. We will introduce into operation the individual components to the overall plan to create, control and distribution of the content in a sustainable model for development of your business initiative.

Define Scope & Phases

Define Timeframe & Budget

Putting Into Operation

Support & Evaluation