What we do

We aim to be the informed choice in end-to-end content management software systems and related services. To make this goal reality, we are committed to delivering superior flexibility, value and service. This focus lies behind our solutions and the unique suite of standalone services we offer. And ultimately it ensures that, working with us, you can be confident your solution will be future-proof, compromise-free and reassuringly reliable.
Alexander Todorov R&D

Content Standardisation

New approach to automation and standardisation of large scale content.

Workflow Optimization

Describe work processes which is built to match your business model.

MediaDot Framework Integration

Quite simply the most scalable, flexible and comprehensive BAAS solution.

MediaDot Extended Components

Integrate scalable and comprehensive management solutions based on specific project needs.

Related Services and Support

Аny long-term project needs а third party services and sopport.